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Bobby L. Horne

Hi,  I am Bobby L. Horne. I was born on April 13, 1967 in a small city called Monroe, NC.  My concern for the daily lives of  young  people is the catalyst for what my  Mission  is.  As a child growing up in a housing  project, I was exposed to all types of deviant things, bullying, drugs, alcohol, violence, and child abuse. Because of a nurturing  mother, military service,  4 years of  College, I was able to distance myself  from that  environment.  Not all  youth  are  as  fortunate.  As  an  adult  however,  I am seeing some of the same vices that I ran from; but, recognize  in the eyes and lives of today’s youth.  After 26 years of professional wrestling, winning numerous Championships,  to include  spending 3 years working for World Wrestling Entertainment as part of a team called Men on a Mission  and winning their biggest possible   Tag team Championship. After losing my Tag team partner  in 2014  to a heart attack, I  am now a Man on a Mission, and  I  travel the country to various schools and civic groups, providing mentorship and speaking with students, parents, and  teachers about  Bullying in our public schools. Wrestling  is scripted but there is no script for a young life on the streets. My goal is to provide a foundation of  learning so that young people and adults alike will know how to navigate the waters of  Bullying in our schools  and communities.

Bobby L. Horne & Student at Bully Mania Event

I  like  to tackle  bullying head on!  I  would like to come to your school entertain and educate  your students on what bullying is and how to  prevent bullying. If your school or civic group would like to have Bobby Horne come to your location, Call 704-819-7312 or Email Bobby.horne@yahoo.com